Taco Bell

3325 North Pine, Ocala, Florida 34475


The food here is always good and what is expected from Taco Bell. Quick food is where the rating begins to fall. We have ordered from this locations several times over the past few months and there have been a few times we have sat and waited over 10 minutes for our food and a couple times I remember waiting over 15 minutes inside the restaurant for our food. We always go in to order and eat and every time it is only us inside ordering and waiting for our food. Drive through always seems to go fast, but inside the restaurant is different. If you go inside and use the self service machine to order, be willing to wait for your cup. We have had to ask for them with the bags of food, and we try to ask for them before receiving our food. It is difficult to get cups here, even when asking they tend to hesitate or take their time getting the cups to you. On multiple occasions the manager or supervisor can be heard loudly arguing, yelling at and or belittling the employees. The soda machine area is always wet and never clean when we come in. This is so wet we are not able to put our cups down to place our lids on near the soda machines once we fill our cups.  The remodel of this location turned out nice however there are a few things I feel should be noted. The two seater tables are very small for two people to eat at and enjoy together. The benches on the side next to the soda machine have been moved out of place to set the trash can in, which moves the location of the lights above each table. Instead of the lights being above the table, they are above your seats so when you go to get up out of your seat you hit your head on the lights. Not only have we done thing, we have watched others do this. 






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