Sherwin-Williams Paint Store

740 East Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala, FL 34470


I’ve always heard you get what you pay for, but I am on the fence about this when it comes to Sherwin-Williams after my recent visit to the Ocala store. 

The store was fairly clean which was nice but the service is where the store lacks. We went to look for exterior paint colors of our home. We tried using the website to help select paint colors but after several hours and still not being able to decide we thought it might be best to visit the local store for help in the right direction of picking out the best colors. 

After about thirty minutes if not more, we were finally greeted by a gentleman behind the counter. When we first came in there were two employees but one went home just before we were greeted. Only one other person was in the store and purchasing paint during this whole visit. When we tried to reply to the gentleman, he started talking and walked away from us while we continued trying to talk to him. He was not talking to us according to what was being said. We were completely ignored and we tried explaining we needed help with color choices. Nothing further was said by this employee and he remained behind the counter for the rest of our visit. 

The only reason I have rated this visit as high as I did is the store was fairly clean. The layout of the store was nice and I like how Sherwin-Williams has some of the color selections with the small cut-out hole so that you can easily see another color with that color card. It helped to match colors for the wall and trim. I wish all color cards had this cutout for easy comparison choices. Also, some color cards were larger than others which to me I did not understand. I felt all color cards should have been the same size with the cut-out.   I also liked the option to purchase the peel-and-stick cards. The only disappointment with the peel-and-stick cards was more than half of the display was empty. We did have the option to purchase the additional colors offered online but it would have been nice to receive them while there at the store. I did consider going to another store to see what cards were available at that store but I did not feel we wanted to spend all night driving around to the other stores to see what they had available in their store. Most other companies would be willing to check either their computer or call around to see if the item is available at another local store, however, since we had no help from the employee we did not get that option. Another disappointment was the lack of colors Sherwin-Williams offers for these peel-and-stick cards. 






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