Ramshackle Cafe


1317 N 14th St, Leesburg, FL 34748

Living in Florida for the past 34 years I have to admit that I have never tried Ramshackle Cafe. This past weekend we were driving through Leesburg and decided to stop. This is a great place to enjoy a quick lunch if you are in the area. From the time we found a parking spot to the time we pulled back out it was less than 35 minutes. Good, fast, reasonably priced food.

My husband and I ordered two of the specialty sandwiches and two soft drinks and our total was less than $31. We both ordered the Original Hwy 27 steakout being overly cautious not knowing what to expect from a new to us restaurant. Both were ordered in the exact same way, without lettuce, and without tomato. One of the sandwiches came out with lettuce and tomato so we immediately informed the server and she took it back to the kitchen. In about five minutes the second sandwich was brought back out to us. I will state that it was very noticeable all they did was pick off the tomato and lettuce from the sandwich but I accepted the plate and begin to enjoy my lunch. The sandwiches were excellent, even with the few pieces of lettuce and tomatoes that were left on. The waitress came by a few different times checking on us. Once she noticed we were done with our plates they were immediately taken away and she quickly brought us the check per our request. 

Original Hwy 27 Steakout
Ramshackle Cafe Menu

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