Raise the Roost

9445 Southwest 49th Avenue, Ocala, Florida 


People always knocking eating food sold at a gas station, but I am going to ask that you please don’t judge until you have tried it. We tried Raise the Roost today for the first time while we were out driving around town.  Raise the Roost did not disappoint. The chicken was cooked fresh this morning, the pieces of chicken were good size, the breading was flavorful. The sandwiches are premade and bagged so you can just grab quickly. I will not lie, there was some apprehension when it came to eating prebagged food from a gas station but I have to give credit where it is due, and I say well done, Raise the Roost. We got two of the BBQ chicken sandwiches and two of the chicken tender sandwiches. 7-Eleven had posters up that when you purchase a chicken sandwich you get a free big gulp. We received four chicken sandwiches and four free big gulps for a total of less than $25. Excellent price for the excellent food. Everyone in the car was pleased with the sandwiches. The only disappointment I had, is I prefer my chicken sandwiches either plain or with mayonnaise so I grabbed a couple packets of mayo before we left. When I opened my sandwich I noticed it was not plain as expected when it is labeled chicken tenders sandwich. If you prefer plain chicken sandwiches keep this in mind when you try them. If you love chicken then you will enjoy Raise the Roost. 






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