Ocala Auction

2897 North Pine, Ocala, Florida 34475


Ocala Auction, what I believe to be formerly McAninch Auction. While it is not the same location and under new ownership, it is run and handled by a lot of the same people as McAninch was and in the several of the same precipices.  There are a few new employees that are different one that I have given the name of “wrecking ball”. They allow vaping inside the building, smoking in the door way, and expired grocery items to be auctioned off then sold. They pack you in extremely tight to where we made a joke the other night that sardines have more room then we do in this building. The workers and even sometimes the auctioneer will bid against you on an item. It has also been noticed that if they believe your bid is too low they will bid on it themselves and either keep the item or relist it a few weeks later in hopes to get a higher price. The one positive of this remove and new ownership is items now get sold for any price the lowest bid received is. Previously at McAninch, they would stop a bid and close out the auction if the bids were too low, getting angry and showing attitudes removing the item from the room, to start a new item to be auctioned off. Ocala Auction has two types of auction nights, one they call general which is left over yard sale and estate sale items. The second night they call wholesale which is the discounted and sometimes found to be expired grocery items with a slight mix of household items. On wholesale nights all items are new in packages. Grocery items are often name brand items, however the household items are often found to be a cheaper knock off type of item from overseas with overseas labeling on the packages. The main reason for the low rating is because of “wrecking ball” he demolishes everything he touches. Prior to the auctions you are allowed to look around at the items being auctioned and look into the boxes they have, as most of the time they will sell everything inside that box as one auction. Most of the time there are good condition collectibles found in these boxes, however once the auction ends and the items are turned over to your possession it has become believe to expect many of the breakables now cracked or broken once the items or box is sold. “wrecking ball”, will pick up boxes take items out of the boxes to show how nice they are in hopes to get the bids higher and then throw the items back into the box on top of other items which most of the time are also breakable items. A common sound in the room is a clinck, clanck, and a crack or break, and many people inhaling knowing what those sounds mean. Wrecking ball also likes to help move heavy items and boxes, but again when the item is done, the boxes get thrown or dropped rather than set down nicely and gently. There is no longer care or concern once they have your money. Beautiful furniture is often brought in but just as the breakables, tends to get marked up and damaged during and after auctions. Furniture will get held up or moved around to show it’s beauty for the bids and then dragged on the floor, pushed around, scrapped against other pieces. Again that care and concern is gone. 






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