Homewood Suites by Hilton Miami-Airport/Blue Lagoon


5500 Blue Lagoon Drive Waterford Office Park, Miami, FL 33126   

Looks can be deceiving. 

I am extremely disappointed that Hilton can put their name on this hotel. From the outside it looks nice but again let me stress looks can be deceiving. I use the term loosely of hotel because my believe is it should be relabeled as a motel. 

Our experience is with room 621. 

When we did the online check in we received 3 choices for rooms. The three choices we received were one room on the 1st
floor, one on the 3rd floor and one on the 6th floor.  This stay was my children’s first real vacation and first stay in a “Hotel”. We
explained why we picked this hotel that it was surrounded by water and the views would be very nice plus they could watch the airplanes take off and land, being that they have never been near an airplane before.
They asked that we reserve the highest floor so they could see further in the view from the room. When it informed me 6th floor was smoking, my husband and I looked at each other and said no way Hilton still had smoking rooms. That’s where we were wrong. 
Up until this point I didn’t believe that Hilton would have a smoking room. We are non smokers and having younger children I do my best to keep my children
away from second hand smoke as they do have difficulty breathing and allergies.
I used to consider Homewood Suites very nice hotels and looked forward to the upper luxury that we have come to expect with Hilton brand lodging. 

This stay was furthest from what was expected and honestly I have to admit that my stays at Motel 6 in the past were more pleasant of a stay then what we experienced.

One of the perks we look forward to usually when staying at a Hilton brand is the digital key for all entrances into the hotel and the room. When we arrived we parked at the far side of the building. We gathered our bags and went to the side entrance ready to head up to our room for the night. The side door to the right of the hotel was locked when we tried to get in and we thought to ourselves maybe we needed to use the digital key to the room first to unlock the outside doors so we walked around to the lobby and went up to our room. Upon walking into the room we were immediately taken back and hit with a very strong smoke smell. This is where Hilton you proved us wrong that you would still allow smoking rooms. OMG it was horrible. Again we have breathing issues, allergies and are non smokers. We all finished walking into the room and started planning out our night stay. I called the day before explaining that there was 6 of us staying in this room with 2 beds and asked for extra blankets and pillows as the children were going to be sleeping on the floor. This extra bedding I requested was no where to be found when we got to the room. Later that night I had to send a couple children down to ask for extra pillows and blankets. The children received one blanket and one pillow. The evening rolled around and I asked my children to look around for a hotel directory thinking maybe there

would be local information such as restaurants we could order from but a directory was nowhere to be found. No local information was anywhere to be found in that room. Another disappointment. One of the first things I always look for once I get checked into a hotel room is the local directory for the hotel. I  always enjoy reading about the area, shopping, restaurants, and any other information listed. As my daughter was checking the nightstand for the directory she saw small ants crawling around. I told her it was probably just one little stay and to ignore it but as we were laying down in bed waiting for dinner we noted it was more than just one ant. Small tiny little black ants were crawling over us in bed and all around the night stand all night. 

After dinner most of us were coughing, some of us had a bad headache, and a couple were complaining of their eyes burning but we had no where else to stay so I told everyone it’s late and to go to bed since we were getting up early in the morning to start our vacation. 

The morning came and everyone was getting ready to take our showers to prepare for the day. I went to take my shower first, walked into the bathroom and walked out telling everyone to get dressed to leave that we not taking a shower in this bathroom.  The shower did not looked clean and there was a very large spot of mold on the ceiling. This hotel room was in need of a good cleaning.

Between the mold and the cigarette smoke we could not eat breakfast in that room. Part of staying with Hilton is using the digital key so when we returned with dinner that night we could still not get in through the side door by the parking area. Thankfully there was a handicapped parking spot but the long walk into the hotel and down to our room which was on the other side from the elevator every time we went back into the building added to our feeling so wonderful and great with not being able to breathe.  The start of our vacation that morning was wonderful. All of us were coughing for the first couple of days. 
After this vacation. I refused to allow my children to eat breakfast from the hotel that morning because how in good faith could I trust the dishes to be clean when the room was not.  I will not be
trusting Hilton again with my family’s health for lodging. I
will be switching from Marriott and back to IGH.  






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