Goodwill Ocala


2830 SW 27th Ave, Ocala, Florida


Anyone else notice how expensive Goodwill is getting?  I understand the cost of living is raising and all prices are going up everywhere, but between the service and prices I’m disappointed with my visit today. I took my older daughters into Goodwill today to find myself a new church dress and my oldest daughter a dress for her senior class photos. We found a beautiful dress that was over $16.98 for her senior photos and then noticed it was extremely stained. When we went to check out I tried showing the stain to someone who walked away not even listening to me. During check out I tried talking to the cashier about it and she seemed to have no care but did say she could call the manager. I told her to call the manager, who was maybe 100 feet away if not more, and said nope we don’t do anything for a stain and proceeded to walk away. This is the same employee we tried speaking with about 15 minutes prior, however at the time we did not know that he was the manager.  I did not get the complete stain in the photos, but I have added one photo to show the front bottom of the dress. when we got it home, the dress was stained on the front, side, and bottom of the dress. My daughter immediately started working on the stain and then put it in the washer before I was able to get additional photos.  

Black stain on front bottom of dress






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